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As of October 3rd, 2016, all new Residential Construction must comply with the newly mandated NYS ACH 50 or the so called “Blower Door “testing requirement which assures that the code required maximum allowable air leakage is not exceeded. The maximum allowable rate of air leakage is 3.0 ACH. We received a rating of 2.1 ACH, proving that our techniques of insulating and air sealing in conjunction with the Huber Engineered Woods ZIP system makes our standard construction, above standard. Learn more about the difference Milback Custom Homes can offer you as a high quality custom home builder in CNY.



At Milback Custom Homes we understand that building a home is a significant financial commitment. When you decide that you want to build a new home it can be very rewarding and fulfilling process. It also has the potential for being one of the most stressful and costly experiences without having the expertise and guidance needed from the beginning phases.



Milback Custom Homes has the experience of four generations to handle every step of the building process; from concept and design of your new home, selecting or locating the building lot, and the management of the construction progress, working with you until the completion. We employ the necessary components of the entire home building process, from the architect, the engineer and the site preparation personnel to the electricians, plumbers, carpenters and finish tradesmen. From the blueprints to your first footsteps into your new home, Milback Custom Homes will be with you every step of the way.



Milback Custom Homes techniques and company structure (also being a full-service construction company) allow us to construct a home in a minimal amount of time without sacrificing any of the quality you should expect and demand. Lessening the dependence on subcontractors by employing our own full-time staff, we can schedule more proficiently, resulting in an overall faster turnaround.

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