Skyland Meadows – Onondaga, NY

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Skyland Meadows in Onondaga, NY

Located in the Westhill Central School District, Skyland Meadows offers spacious lots with walk out basement potential.  Connected to an established neighborhood, this final phase has 7 lots remaining.  Within a 15-minute drive from Fairmount Fair and Downtown Syracuse, Skyland Meadows has a lot to offer.

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We’re thinking about building a custom home but have never built before. What are some thoughts a client should consider?2018-09-17T16:16:20-04:00

At Milback Custom Homes we understand that building a home is a significant financial commitment. When you decide that you want to build a new home it can be very rewarding and fulfilling process. It also has the potential for being one of the most stressful and costly experiences without having the expertise and guidance needed from the beginning phases. Some considerations are the same for building a home and buying an existing home, such as location, affordability and the suitability of the home for your lifestyle.
Milback Custom Homes offer a section of pre-designed floorplans and models to choose from where the homeowner is limited with changes to selections like floor coverings, fixtures, colors and overall styles to the home. When a client decides to build a custom home, it invites endless opportunities for those who have looked at these options and found they do not meet their needs, vision or dream.
Building a custom home is a time commitment, especially in the concept and design stage. This stage is where the clients list of “must haves” and “would prefer” and the “wish list” should be written down and reviewed by the client, our Architect and Ron Milback, to ensure the clients individual needs are met. Simultaneously, a lot selection process should be underway and determining financing options, if not already secured. Milback Custom Homes also offers referrals to preferred financing options. The key component of custom home-building success is the ability to effectively communicate between the client and builder.

How does Milback Custom Homes differ from other home builders?2019-01-24T11:23:55-05:00

Milback Custom Homes combines the professional expertise and demanding techniques of the construction industry with a commitment for efficient, quality designs and superior construction practices while retaining a personal dedication to building trust in relationships with our clients. Ron Milback, Managing Partner, will work directly with our clients from start-to-end, and then continue that commitment to ensure satisfaction after the construction is complete. Our homes quality is a direct reflection of our commitment and dedication of more than 100 years in the building industry.

We know what kinds of features and general style we want. How does this get turned into a plan?2018-09-17T16:23:57-04:00

Every client at Milback Custom Homes becomes a partnered with Ron Milback, Managing Partner, to plan and build a custom home plan that reflects their unique requirements and style. During the planning & design process, Ron will meet with the client multiple times, at a time that works with their schedule. This is to ensure that all areas of the construction project are discussed, and nothing is overlooked. Ron frequently seeks to educate clients on the building process and techniques of quality construction while introducing the countless options available on the marketing, often providing guidance based on his experience. He will share detailed information throughout the planning/development phases, so the client fully understands every design feature and knows what to anticipate.
To ensure accuracy, Ron uses written communications and a detailed form to document and clarify decisions or selections on the project. The ideas and discussions will then be brought to life by our Architect, who will carefully review and design, for proposes of constructability, your dream home.

How do we pick a good location and lot?2018-10-16T18:22:32-04:00

Finding the right place to build your home can be challenging. Often, significant competition exists for good building lot location, especially in desirable school districts. Milback Custom Homes can help you find one that’s perfect for your family. We always look for uniqueness in a lot, perhaps a distinct view or slope to the land. Some clients look for building opportunities based solely on accessibility to nearby destinations, such as a golf course or park. Recognizing the value in the market trends, Milback Custom Homes is constantly on the lookout for these distinct lots, and oftentimes will purchase a great property or lot to secure it for a potential or future client.

How long will the building/construction take and how much will it cost?2020-09-18T13:56:44-04:00

Every custom home-building project is different when it comes to construction duration and costs. A lot of variables exist that could affect the duration or cost of a custom home such as total living square footage, lot preparation, home features and the inclement weather. The 2017 Survey of Construction (SOC) from the Census Bureau shows that the average completion time of a single-family house is around 7.5 months, which usually includes almost a month from authorization to start and another 6.5 months to finish the construction. Milback Custom Homes believes that time spent with clients to design their dream home is crucial to ensuring there are no unnecessary delays or surprises.
Coupled with our superior construction methods, for instance our commitment to the using Huber Engineered Woods Zip and Advantech as a standard feature, our clients can be assured that we take our commitment delivering your home on schedule very seriously. We are very proud of our track record on building custom homes on time, on track and within budget while “building it better”.

How do we work together during the construction phase and what if we make a change to a selection or floor plan in the middle of the project?2018-09-17T16:24:58-04:00

In addition to scheduled planning, progress meetings and regular update calls or emails, our team will ensure our clients have an open line of communication. We understand the busy schedules of our clients and will attempt to facilitate convenient times or methods to meet or discuss with our clients. Although our pre-planning processes usually encompasses all aspects of home design, at times an idea will occur and a change in material or feature is desired after construction has begun.
In these circumstances, Milback Custom Homes will work with our client to explore options and identify the most appropriate solution. The change or request may or may not result in additional costs, but in all occurrences, our client will agree on a documented plan or corrective plan of action.
Due to our thorough preplanning & design process many of these issues are identified early in the construction progression to avoid major delays and/or impacts to schedule or budget.

Does Milback Custom Homes have model homes available to tour?2018-09-17T16:25:22-04:00

Roughly every 12 months, Milback Custom Homes will design and build a model home, in conjunction with the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of CNY Parade of Homes or the grand opening of a subdivision. This opportunity proves to be an exciting venture as we utilize new technologies offered by our vendors and suppliers that we believe set us apart from other builders. Model homes also tend to be a crucial display for fresh concepts and new ideas, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate our proven quality and techniques such as open floor plans, elegant bathrooms, large yet inviting great rooms, and beautifully decorated exteriors. Our models also provide an excellent environment to explore ideas, solidify needs/desires and determine what is the right home to build for our client. We also offer our latest model home for sale.

What is Milback Custom Homes warranty?2018-09-17T16:25:46-04:00

Milback Custom Homes follows the Central New York Standards of Performance, Limited Warranty designated by the Home Builders and Remodelers Association guidelines by offering a first-year basic warranty, two-year major systems coverage warranty and a six-year major structural defect warranty. However, Milback Custom Homes also understands that its continued success depends on satisfied clients and will not hesitate to respond to clients concerns after the home is built. The Central New York Standards of Performance, Limited Warranty and Supplement to Contract is available for review after a sale contingent on an offer prior to home building purchase.

How do we get started?2018-09-17T16:26:01-04:00

Call us directly or use our scheduling application to reserve a time today!

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